Employer Services

FREE Human Resources Support

The Connections Job Development Program offers a variety of FREE Human Resource services for local employers. We are geared to making your hiring process easier by saving you time and money.  

The Connections Job Development Program and their team of Human Resource professionals assist employers with:

  • Writing job descriptions
  • Posting Job Openings
  • Requesting pre-screened job candidates for position openings by downloading our Job Order Form.
  • Creating, reviewing, and updating policy and procedure handbooks
  • Advising you about current pay, compensation, and labor practices.
  • Pre-Screening job applicants so you can quickly find qualified job candidates.
  • Conducting individual and mass interviews
  • Training your employees in basic computer skills

FREE Mass Interviews

If you’re starting a new business or opening a new location, Connections can hold group information sessions at your site or ours, and provide mass interview sessions. For Assistance . . . 

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FREE Job Postings

If your business needs to quickly fill a vacant position or job posting, we can help you post your job opening with Connections at no charge.  

Request Applicants

To find pre-screened and qualified applicants, please contact a Connections Job Advisor.

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Employer Testimonials

 “All the applicants Connections sent were great, and it was a tough choice. Once again, I was thrilled with the service received from Connections!” M.F., Employer

“The new employee is perfect. Great job Connections Job Development Program!” ~ D.M., Employer


In our Computer Lab, the Connections Job Development Program can provide computer training for your employees at our New Port Richey location.

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