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Employability Skills Training Program

If you're entering the job market for the first time or launching a new career, The Connections Job Development Program can jump-start your job search by working one-on-one with motivated job-seekers, just like you. Using a proven 3-step Employability Skills Training Program, we can put you on the fast-track to finding meaningful employment.

To get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Join our FREE Job Club by attending one brief Job Search Orientation class at our New Port Richey location. Job Club classes are held twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday at 9:45 a.m. Job Club Membership entitles you to all of our FREE services.
  2. Schedule an appointment with a Connections Job Advisor, your personal employment advisor.
  3. Use our FREE Computer Lab where you can perform online job searches, submit online job applications, create and access professional e-mail accounts, and complete beginner and advanced computer training in programs like MicroSoft Word and Excel. We'll even connect you with other valuable Learning and Community resources.

The Connections Job Development Program has many FREE BENEFITS for Job Club members. For those members who want expand their current level of knowledge and job skills, you'll want to visit our FREE on-site Computer Lab to:

  • Use the Internet to search for jobs
  • Complete online job applications
  • Access our FREE web-based self-paced software and educational tutorials
  • Enhance your knowledge using our comprehensive list of FREE academic programs
  • Create and manage your household budget and finances

To launch your job search, scroll down to learn how to join our exclusive Job Club , schedule an appointment with a Connections Job Advisor, or to visit the Connections Computer Lab. 

Free Job Club Member Benefits

No matter where you are in your current job search, the Connections Job Development Program staff are here to guide and help you improve your chances of quickly landing and keeping your next job.  To join the Connections Job Club, all you need to do is attend one brief Job Search Orientation class, which is held every Monday and Wednesday at 9:45 a.m. at our New Port Richey office. 

Joining our Job Club offers FREE:

  • Job-Seeking & Job-Keeping Skills
  • Career Counseling
  • Resume Writing 
  • Individualized Job Leads
  • Assistance with Filing Job Applications
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Free Interview Clothing
  • Individual Mock Interview Training
  • Networking
  • Computer Lab with Internet access, FAX machine, and printer
  • Computer & Keyboard Training
  • Sign-up for Community Resources 
  • Budget and Personal Financial Management Training

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Step 1 - Connections Job Club


Job Club

The first step of the FREE Employability Skills Training  Program is to join the Connections Job Club by attending one FREE Job Search Orientation class at the Connections Job Development Program.

The FREE Job Search Orientation class is offered every Monday and Wednesday at 9:45 a.m. at our New Port Richey location.

To sign-up for our FREE Job Search Orientation Class, just show up at our New Port Richey location at 9:45 a.m., any Monday or Wednesday (except holidays). Or, if you have questions,  simply click this  button:

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 Job Search Orientation includes:

  • An overview of services provided by the Connections Job Development Program.
  • Identifying and locating job opportunities.
  • Understanding how to best market yourself in today’s tough job market.
  • Tips for crafting your cover letter and resume for maximum results.
  • Preparing for the interview.
  • Follow-up.

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Step 2 - Connections Job Advisor

Personal Job Advisor


After attending the brief Job Search Orientation class, you become a member of our exclusive Job Club, please Contact Us to schedule appointment with a Connections Job Advisor to discuss your work history, write your resume, and explore suitable job openings. Your Job Advisor guides you to services that empower you to land that new job and improve the quality of your life.  

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Help with Resumes


 After discussing your skills, experience, and knowledge, your Connections Job Advisor writes and reviews your resume, which is the first thing you'll need to execute your successful job search. 

Job Search


Your Connections Job Advisor provides you with the path to using the Connections Computer Lab so you can use our computers to search the internet for job opportunities that match your skills and experience, The Job Advisor also assists you finding job leads and accurately and completely filling out online job applications. Your personal Job Advisor can also connect you with computer classes that improve your chances of getting better jobs in the future. 

Interviewing Skills


Being equipped with proven interviewing skills increases your chances of getting a good job. Your Connections Job Advisor has all the latest information and tips to help you put your best-foot forward at your next job interview. 

Computer Skills


Learn essential job and computer skills, revise your resume, create a professional e-mail address, and explore educational and community resources with a Connections Job Advisor as your mentor.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment with a Connections Job Advisor.

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At some point in life, everyone needs a little help removing obstacles that can prevent us from achieving our goals. The Connections Job Advisors assist job-seekers with the appropriate and  FREE community resources, learning opportunities, and even FREE interview apparel. 

Step 3 - Connections Computer Lab

FREE Tools for Success

During regular office hours, Job Club members have FREE ACCESS to the Connections Computer Lab at the Connections Job Development Program's New Port Richey location. 

The FREE Connections Computer Lab provides Job Club members with FREE access to:

  • Windows-based computers.
  • The Internet.
  • Printer, phone, and FAX machine.

The Connections Computer Lab empowers Job Club members to quickly find employment by providing the technical tools and one-one-one support needed to:

  • Search for jobs using an Internet browser.
  • Complete online job applications.
  • Create and access a FREE professional e-mail account.
  • Learn about household budgeting.
  • Access FREE Computer Training for computer programs like MicroSoft Word and Excel, and QuickBooks.
  • Improve Writing and Language Skills.
  • Locate FREE K-12 and College classes.
  • Access FREE Veteran's Programs.
  • Access Learning resources.
  • Connect with valuable Community resources.

FREE Job Club Computer Training 

Offered twice monthly, FREE Job Club computer training offers a direct path for Job Club members to land better jobs by enhancing your technical skills and knowledge. These FREE classes teach Job Club members how to:

  • Use an Internet browser to search for jobs.
  • Fill-out and submit online job applications.
  • Create and use a professional email account for attaching and emailing resumes to potential employers.

Self-Paced Computer Training

Available any time during regular office hours, Job Club members can work at their own pace in the Connections Computer Lab to learn basic:

  • Keyboard skills.
  • MicroSoft Windows features.
  • Software programs such as Microsoft Office and Excel, and QuickBooks.

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