Success Stories

Since Connections started working with job seekers in 1991, we’ve assisted thousands of individuals with their job searches. We consistently place more than 40% of the people who work with us.

Connections was founded on the principle that everyone has something to contribute to the workforce and it is our commitment to this belief that is evident in all we do.

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help in reviewing my resume and offering suggestions for improvement. I finalized the resume with your help and the very first resume I sent that week turns out to be the job I got! Connections is a great organization!” ~ K..H, Former Job Seeker

“The Job Advisor did a great job re-doing my resume, which I needed! She was great!” ~ J. D., Former Job Seeker

“Thank you for writing my resume! It got me the job.” ~ T.J., Former Job Seeker

“I really learned a lot from here.” ~ G.R.., Former Job Seeker

“You guys are awesome!” ~ S.H., Former Job Seeker

“When I reached your office, after having undergone several weeks of job search and visited other programs, I was not positive at all. My faith and hope were at a very low level. But after hearing from the Job Advisors, the advice and recommendations they gave me, my attitude completely changed. The word hope returned to my vocabulary. They showed me it was possible. With the advice and guidance of Connections. . .today I have a good position that is helping me to level my life again. I do not have enough words to express my thanks and my family’s appreciation for all the support that Connections has given us. I hope Connections can keep doing such a wonderful job.” ~ LR., Former Job Seeker

“Thank you for helping me find a job!” G.O., Former Job Seeker

“Thank you for all your help! God bless you all.” P.J., Former Job Seeker

“Since we last met, I have started working again. I work (out of state) for six weeks straight and then have two weeks off. With a wife and three kids at home in FL, it is not ideal to be on the road all the time, but a job is a job these days. Thanks for your help, I really appreciated your guidance and compassion.” ~ E.M., Former Job Seeker

“Thanks for helping. I found out about a great job and applied through Connections.” J.F., Former Job Seeker

“Thank you so much for your time and support!!” H.C., Former Job Seeker

“I am so excited about my new job!! Thank you Connections!” ~ M.L., Former Job Seeker

“After 15 months of being unemployed, I finally started a new job. My good fortune is a direct result of all of your efforts. The  Job Class Orientation gave me hope. The Networking Club got me back out into the business world. The awesome resume you put together got the attention of  the hiring manager after you introduced us through a networking session. Thank you so much. It is absolutely wonderful to be working again. It is more than just having a job; it is uplifting in ways only someone who has gone through endless searching can appreciate. God bless you all.” ~ A.K, Former Job Seeker

“Thanks for the FREE classes! It inspires me for my success on the new job. You all are great.” ~ M.F., Former Job Seeker

“Outstanding work from everyone at Connections! Thank you!” ~ D.J., Former Job Seeker

“Your program staff are very professional and personable.” R.C., Former Job Seeker

“May each and every one of you at Connections know how important you are in the lives of those you serve. The hope and encouragement you provide is such a valuable gift in a hurting world.

May God abundantly bless each and every one of you. May He strengthen you so that you do not grow weary in your purpose. May He uplift you and fill your lives with joy and peace.

Thank you for all that you do!” M.S., Former Job Seeker

“Thank you, very much, for your assistance!!” A.L., Former Job Seeker